Joint Circular No. 2004-1

(Series of 2004)

Guidelines on the Release of the share of ARMM and concerned LGUs in the National Internal Revenue Collections pursuant to special provision no. 1 of the ARMM appropriation under the FY 2003 general appropriations act, R.A. No. 9206

Memorandum Order No. 53

(Series of 2012)

Regional Tax Remittance, Monitoring, and Reporting System

Office Order No. 1

(Series of 2013)

Creation of Revenue Collection System and Tax Collection, Monitoring and Networking Teams

Regional Treasury Regulations No. 1

(Series of 2004)

Guidelines and procedures on the release of the share of LGUs in the ARMM from National Internal Revenue Taxes, Fees and Charges; and Taxes imposed on natural resources collected and remitted to ORT pursuant to Article IX of R.A. No. 9054